Terms Of Service

As a client of BoxServ, hereafter referred to as boxserv.net, you agree to all of the following terms of service at all times

If for any reason these rules are violated, the account(s) responsible will be terminated *without* refund. If you have any queries regarding these terms and conditions please contact us.


1.0 General Policies

1.1 Content and Usage All services provided by BoxServ may be used for lawful purposes only. Transmission, storage, or presentation of any information, data or material in violation of any Malaysia Federal, State, City or international law is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to:
Copyrighted material,
Material we judge to be threatening or obscene,
Material protected by trade secret and other statute,
Exploits or other malicious software.

1.2 The subscriber agrees to indemnify and hold harmless BoxServ from any claims resulting from the use of the service, which damages the subscriber or any 3rdparty.

1.3 Pornography and sex-related merchandising is prohibited on all of our servers. This includes sites that may infer sexual content, or links to adult content elsewhere. Also prohibited are sites that promote any illegal activity or present content that may be damaging to our servers or any other server on the Internet. Links to such materials are also prohibited. Examples of unacceptable content or links:
Pirated software,
Cracker programs / Exploits or archives,
Pornography of any type,
Any and All illegal activity,
Spamming, or the sending of unsolicited email, from a BoxServ server or using an email address or domain that is property of BoxServ. You agree that our network may not always be fully operational.

1.4 BoxServ is not responsible for data stored or transferred through our network. Service or price modifications may occur at anytime without prior notice. We reserve the right to terminate service at any time, for any reason, and that no refund or credit will be issued. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Early cancellation of service by the user or by us does not entitle you to a refund of any kind. BoxServ shall not be responsible for any claimed damages, including incidental and consequential damages, which may arise from our servers going off-line or being unavailable for any reason whatsoever.

1.5 We shall not be responsible for any claimed damages, including incidental or consequential damages, resulting from the corruption or deletion of any web site from one of our servers. All damages shall be limited to the immediate termination of service. Server Abuse All Sub-Networks, distributive hosting sites and dedicated servers of BoxServ must adhere to the above policies. Your account is for the sole use of the owner; account sharing may lead to account termination. Any attempt to undermine or cause harm to a server, or customer, of BoxServ is strictly prohibited. Violations of these Acceptable Uses Policies should be referred to us. All complaints will be investigated in a timely fashion.

Failure to follow any term or condition will be grounds for immediate account deletion and cooperation with the proper authorities. By logging into our server you have agreed to the above terms and conditions.


2.0 Payment Policies

2.1 Billing
All accounts are set up on a pre-pay basis and are non-refundable. All pricing is guaranteed for the term of pre-payment. BoxServ reserves the right to change prices at any time. Payment is due each billing term or period following the date the account was established. Accounts 3 (three) days or more overdue may be suspended until payment is received. The CUSTOMER is responsible for all money owed on the account from the time it was established to the time that the CUSTOMER notifies BoxServ to request termination of services. All payments must be made either in MYR (Malaysia Ringgit).

2.2 Payment
When paying, your billing cycle begins on the day we receive your first payment at which point your account is activated. You will then be sent an e-mail invoice 10 (ten) days before payment for your account is due. Payment must be received on or before your due date. If we do not receive payment upon 3 (three) days past the accounts due date, your account is suspended for up to one month to allow sufficient time for you to send the payment. If after this time we do not hear from you, your account and all its contents will be deleted.

2.3 Refunds
All sales are final. After an account has become “active” (e.g, account has been added and user has logged in), NO REFUNDS are given. No refunds given to suspended accounts, which are in violation of this terms and conditions.


3.0 Modification Of These Terms Of Use

BoxServ reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices under which the boxserv.net Sites are offered, including but not limited to the charges associated with the use of the boxserv.net Sites. You are responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions.